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  • Alternatives to direct attribution, such as MMM studies, incrementality tests and new ways of measurement (zero party, geolift)

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  • Joining different data dots from paid, lifecycle and product

  • Understanding, measuring or minimising discrepancies between marketing sources

  • Creating and leverage data products, such as growth models

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The author

Hi, hi, that’s me — I’m Barbara Galiza. I’ve been working with growth for ~12 years and, in specific, as a marketing data freelancer for the last ~6.

I help companies analyse and, most importantly, act on data. I’m at my most useful in projects where marketing and data team (or product) need to work together closely. E.g. setting up new tracking, defining data-based GTM strategies, prioritising product or marketing opportunities.

I’ve worked with startups (Ashby, Gitpod), mature tech companies (Microsoft, WeTransfer) and even agencies (Dentsu, Phiture). A list of logos (for those who care) can be found on my personal website.

I believe in measuring only what’s necessary (due to complexity), thinking outside the box with data and taking literally everything with a grain of salt.

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